Matthew & Mindy up in their Mt Fable

Mindy is the younger sister of Vivian, another bride I had the privilege of meeting and whose wedding I photographed a while back.  They shared little mannerisms that only close sisters can share - the same bright eyes that twinkled when they talk, the same infectious laugh, and even the same way of posing in pictures!

One unique trait not found in her sister was Mindy's inherent shyness - she was soft-spoken, and her smile was like a bulb from the days of yore that lit up oh-so-slowly. 

When Matthew stands next to her though, they seem to smile a lot.  What gives?  =)


When boy meets girl - Terence & Wendy

Terence met Wendy back in school, and the rest was history.

No?  Oh right, there's more to it than that.  Suffice to say they loved each other for a while now, and their wedding is just the beginning of a new path that they can walk together.

From a morning full of action and laughter to an evening of touching moments, it was a lovely and memorable day for all who attended.  From a photographer's perspective it was gold - the normally stoic Terence was actually playful in the extreme, while sweet-smiling Wendy had emotions overflowing during the banquet.  Fortunately she had Terence's broad shoulders to lean on.

Max & Anna crossed paths

To all appearances, Max and Anna are just another mild-mannered couple traipsing down the aisle on their way to marital union.  How different can they be?  Are they a Super-couple?  Pretty much.

Super bankers to be accurate.  They each work 16h days and hardly have time to breathe, much less find a life partner.  Surprisingly they did, and manage to do other things mere mortals do - like plan a wedding.  As with most activities in their lives, they make time, and for each other they definitely do.

Want to see them in action?  Just wait 'til they get to a telephone booth...