Julius & Joan...an emotional ride

Julius and Joan are an unassuming couple who happen to be good at sports.  Who knew that their wedding day was going to be such an explosion of comic fun, romantic glances, and heartfelt emotions?

I feel privileged to be part of their wedding, to share their joy, and feel the good vibes from everyone who was there.

Adrian and Limin - the movie

The day dawned bright and early, and from the get-go it was showtime!  Wigs, gyrations, even a lion dance were performed with aplomb and provided much amusement for everyone.

Soon, dusk fell.  Adrian and Limin are not showy people...just your average good-looking charming couple.  When the lights were dimmed, no one expected anything. 

They should have brought their sunglasses. 

Two stars shined very brightly that night...