Hold me close - Wen Quan & Helen

Individually, Wen Quan and Helen are like fire and ice; he has many actions, many words, she is demure and poised.

Together, they fit like a glove.

He makes her laugh, he pulls her arm.
She smiles at him, she holds his hand.

Slowly, they melt into each other's embrace.  Is love really just a chemical reaction, like fire + ice?

Etienne & Mary...two little butterflies doing a dance

Like two butterflies flitting amongst the flowers, Etienne and Mary show us glimpses of their courtship as they cavort through man-made structures.

Lucky I brought my camera that day.

This is it! and the WPPI

I am delighted to share with everyone that This is it! Photography has been accepted as part of the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (previously known as Wedding Photographers of America)!

Among their ranks are outstanding international wedding photographers like Jose Villa, and well-known Singapore photography houses such as Lightedpixels, expressively jOhO and Lyrical Moments.  With this newfound support system of profoundly experienced and well-known photographers worldwide, I believe our learning process will take more than the usual leaps forward. 

Meanwhile we will continue to search for new breakthroughs to document the moments that bring more joy to your hearts, and tears to your eyes...=)