Hear our story

Picture this:

Boy walks purposefully toward girl...with a ring.
Bride wakes up bright-eyed and bushy tailed...it's her wedding day!
Couple exchanges vows...while their parents fight back tears.

Couple hold their new baby...and exchange a touching glance.
Baby walks by himself...with anxious parents hovering.

Anticipation, anxiety, affection:  contrasting emotions from different snapshots, bound with the same tagline - "This is it!" often marks the end of meticulous preparation, and the start of something special. 

This is it! Photography understands the significance of these moments.

Starting out in the film era ten years ago, this photographer slung his camera and walked through a palette of colour negative, b&w and slide film, documenting the events and people that coloured the parchment of life in front of him.  In today's digital landscape, this documentary approach to photography remains the basis of his work.  As stories unfold naturally in front of him, he quietly, unobstrusively, records them.  Every shot is unique, every frame captured invaluable.

What are your "This is it!" moments?