Michael & Michelle become M&M in Jakarta

Michael & Michelle's wedding was a first in so many ways - first time in Jakarta, first time seeing such a big church/ big ballroom/ big everything, and an awesome first time witnessing the cutting of a huge wedding cake with a long sword!  I'm still thinking of it...such a small but quirky segment in the whole proceedings.

After getting the full experience, I felt that their wedding was like two weddings back home.  Everything was done on a big scale, with grandeur and opulence the key themes.  Whilst staring in disbelief at the advancing troupe of ballerinas leading the couple into the cavernous ballroom, I couldn't help but feel half the city was present to watch the both of them tie the knot.  I looked at Michelle to see if she was feeling nervous since this was the first Indonesian wedding for her too (and what a wedding!), but she was smiling and calm, with one hand tucked safely in the crook of Michael's arm.  Michael seemed contented.

Like M&Ms, they may melt in your mouth, but definitely not in each others' hands.


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