Cruz kicks off 26 months

From the moment little Cruz kicked a rubber ball in my face, I knew this was going to be a fun shoot.  Guns, balls, plastic bananas/ice-creams/soft drink and a multitude of other toys greeted me as he cavorted on his playmat, shooting at us and occasionally kicking a ball in the direction of the strange photographer.

As it turns out, Cruz was great at acting.  He mimed everything from being a soccer player to space hero and even gourmand, sipping fake water and dipping plastic fries in imaginary chilli sauce.  It was a masterclass in what make-believe world the mind can create.

Many a time amongst all the action-packed moments, I catch glimpses of how happy he is around his dad and mum - with a sneaky smile here and a suppressed chuckle there...  He is undoubtedly the pride and joy of the family, and deservingly so.


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